A Multicultural Thanksgiving Dinner


Latino Thanksgivinglatina Diversity of delicious food in our Thanksgiving celebration, brings color, a unique flavor and aroma to our kitchen and dining table.
Thanks to our friends from Latina Network of West Michigan. For sharing some of their traditional foods.

Our Friends:
Lissa Ann shares her dominican traditions: Pernil, moro de habichuelas (arroz), ensalada de papas/ hojas, tostones, tres leches or flan and empanaditas.
Lorena Aguayo Marquez shares that she likes to alternate the food each year with pavo, traditional american vegetables, or tamales, jamón and arroz con gandúles and lots of desserts.
Sarah Elisa Proano Mota shares: I celebrate according to my husband family tradition and I take something different to try. The celebration is centered for the reasons of which we are thankful and not so much for the food. Not to mention they are all farmers and the food is almost all produced by them except for cranberries.
Tamara Brubaker -Salcedo shares with us: I am married to an American and each year I take tamales, queso fundi do with chorizo to the Thanksgiving dinner.
Guadalupe Danae Diaz shares with us that her first marriage was bi-racial and she had to adapt the traditions to both cultures even after the separation she has been able to continue with the tradition. Which is what her children continue to celebrate in both ways.

With this delightful menu we say Thank You for all the blessings in our life, with diverse flavor that makes our day a very special one. A day to celebrate family, values, heritage, culture. But lets not forget to reach out to those that feel alone, sick, and in time of trouble ,a hug, a call or a prayer for those in need.

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