Who is learning Spanish?

39409510_1943571792371707_8891493982543020032_n (2)Meet Krysta, The Director of Human Resource in THIERICA Incorporate. Today is a big day for Krysta. She finished Spanish Level I. I am so proud of her! Her hard work, commitment and dedication to her Spanish assignments has moved her faster than normal students do. She accomplished this level in 6 months and not only did she finished the level but is beginning to make simple conversation around her work.
Why is she learning? Her company counts with about 50% of employees that speak Spanish and she is excited and motivated to connect and support her company.
MI Spanish Connections is helping the way we approach business with the Latino- Hispanic Community in West Michigan.
Let your company be prepared for the competitive business market. How? Connect with us and we can help.
Your Spanish Instructor,
Maria Krawczyk
MeganMeet Megan. A Preschool Teacher for Special Ed children.
This fall she will be working in a school where 80% of the students are Latinos or Hispanic and I am so proud of her for taking the initiative to Take a Spanish for Beginners Session with me.
She learned French during her Higschool Years and taking this class with me was easy for her since she already learned some French.
I am grateful for her because she will be able to communicate with basic conversation to the parents and her little students.
She is going to make an amazing difference in her classroom and in the hearts of these families.
Looking forward to share more of these amazing students that are changing the way we provide service in our diverse community in West Michigan.