Senor Tod Rogers

I had begun to learn Spanish as a leisure activity on my own with a tutor and then a college level Spanish II course when I took a conversation class from Maria. I am now in my 60’s. At the time, I had already mastered a good deal of the grammar and was able to read short stories and magazine articles without too much help. I had an excellent beginning. What I didn’t have because I had no hispanic friends, was the ability to understand what was said nor was I able to respond well enough have a conversation. It was not for lack of vocabulary, it was lack of practice.

I am happy to say that Maria saw what I required and gave me what I needed most: a patient and interesting partner in conversation, whose knowledge of the culture, history and country of Mexico began to make it possible for me to slowly arrive at the ability to put sentences together in an understandable and grammatically correct fashion and to slowly to be able to discern what is being said. As time went on, my speed increased and continues increases while enjoying a thoroughly pleasant conversation.

My conversations with Maria about her students has shown me her warmth and love of children, an appreciation for and guidance of their learning skills and sincere personal satisfaction in their success. I have no qualms recommending Maria as a teacher for persons of any age.∼