Spanish Immersion Language Academy 2021-22

Our Mission is to provide support and diverse opportunities to students learning Spanish as a primary or second language; Offering with an Immersion format and with Authentic Cultural Activities. This classes are based on their age and grade level working towards conversation and fluency in the language.

Preschool- Kindergarten : An introduction of the Spanish Language, sounds, basic writing skills. The children are developing their fine, social and motor skills in the Spanish Language.

1st and Second Grade: The students will work reading and writing skills. We will include some Science and Math.

3rd and 4th Grade: The students are introduced to grammar, reading , science and writing.

5th and Six Grade: The students continue to work on grammar, reading, and writing.

Homeschool Spanish

Spanish for Beginners: Students are introduce to the language with basic conversation, grammar phonetic sounds, and vocabulary . With Fun Cultural activities.

Spanish I: Students continue to build on the conversation, work on the Present tense, and are introduce to regular Preterit tense. The students read, write and translate their work.

Spanish II. The students conversational skills are taking off allowing them to connect with the Spanish speaking community. They continue to work on grammar with the Irregular Preterit tense, Imperfect, Future etc. Reading and writing are required for this class. We do Field trips.

Spanish III and IV are available to those that want to continue and sharpen their Conversational Language skills.