Spanish Immersion Language Academy 2022-23

Location: Location 251 Northland Drive, NE Rockford, MI 49341


Fun Spanish Immersion Preschool/Beginners Class.

This class is a unique experience for your little student. The children learn the basic vocabulary, sounds and cultural diversity with fun hands on activities, songs, dancing, playing time, making new friends and using their motor skills during playing time. —“Vamos a jugar! ” Lets play.


Our Mission is to provide support and diverse opportunities to students learning Spanish as a primary or second language; Offering with an Immersion format and with Authentic Cultural Activities. This classes are based on their age and grade level working towards conversation and fluency in the language.

Intermediate/1st and Second Grade

The students will work reading and writing skills. Learning vocabulary and having fun with some cultural activities. We will include some Science.

Students who have taken Spanish earlier will blossom with their Spanish Skills and become more conversational.

We welcome new motivate students ready learn the language and have fun with their classmates, learning to speak, the basic Spanish vocabulary and fun cultural activities.