Spanish Language Academy Classes

Fun Spanish Immersion Preschool,  Kindergarten 2021

Fun Spanish Immersion Class is an introduction of the Spanish Language. Immersing the children with the Spanish  instruction and fun with cultural activities during the school year.
The children acquired the ability to put into practice what they learn each class day with the routines of the class like greetings, weather, hands on activities, basic vocabulary to help them be acquainted, and our thematic vocabulary.
Our class is unique , we use a private gym for our motor skills. with fun activities, to help your children build a strong foundation for the next school years with confidence.
Grand Rapids
Outdoor Spanish Class
April 13 to May 18
May 25 to June 29
Tuesdays 10:00am to 11:00am 6 week per Session Cost: 90.00 Rockford, MI
Fun Spanish Immersion Preschool Class
Wednesdays and or Fridays 1:00pm to 2:30pm 8 Week Session Cost per 1 day a week: $175 Twice a week $350.00
Message us to or text 616 822 3148 for more information or to register.

Our classes have a 6 students limit per class.  Please feel free to message or send an email with any questions you may have to

Kindergarten/ First grade 

The students begin to learn the language with phonetic exercises, fun writing activities, arts and crafts.  The children follow a writing book as well.
Location: Rockford, MI
When? Fridays 11:30am to 12:55pm
1 semester of 20 week (once a week class) 375.00

Message us to or text 616 822 3148 for more information or to register.

Online Spanish  Conversation group Classses


Beginners A Spanish Conversational class  In this class we will work with specific vocabulary to make simple basic conversation. This class will help you build confidence to make conversation. Meet others that are interested in learning just like you.
This class is a six week class session.
When? Mondays at 7:30
Where? Online Zoom Class
Cost: 135.00 per session  or 3 sessions for 390.00

Intermediate  A Spanish Conversational Class

In this class the students have the opportunity to read out loud, make and answers questions.
Online  8 week session
Tuesdays  7:30pm Cost 135.00 or 3 sessions 390.00

email to

One on one Spanish Adult Lessons.

This private class/lessons are set up for you. Beginning to advance and one on one conversational classes. Call or email to set up an appointment and let us help you and support your Spanish language learning journey.
Class cost per one on one is $45.00 to $60.00 per hr. class. (depending of the location of the class)
Available discount rate for multiple classes or session of 6 to 10 weeks.


Tod Rogers writes:

I had begun to learn Spanish as a leisure activity on my own with a tutor and then a college level Spanish II course when I took a conversation class from Maria. I am now in my 60’s. At the time, I had already mastered a good deal of the grammar and was able to read short stories and magazine articles without too much help. I had an excellent beginning. What I didn’t have because I had no Hispanic friends, was the ability to understand what was said nor was I able to respond well enough have a conversation. It was not for lack of vocabulary, it was lack of practice.
I am happy to say that Maria saw what I required and gave me what I needed most: a patient and interesting partner in conversation, whose knowledge of the culture, history and country of Mexico began to make it possible for me to slowly arrive at the ability to put sentences together in an understandable and grammatically correct fashion and to slowly to be able to discern what is being said. As time went on, my speed increased and continues increases while enjoying a thoroughly pleasant conversation.
My conversations with Maria about her students has shown me her warmth and love of children, an appreciation for and guidance of their learning skills and sincere personal satisfaction in their success. I have no qualms recommending Maria as a teacher for persons of any age.
Meet Megan. A Preschool Teacher for Special Ed children.
This fall she will be working in a school where 80% of the students are Latinos or Hispanic and I am so proud of her for taking the initiative to Take a Spanish for Beginners Session with me.
She learned French during her Higschool Years and taking this class with me was easy for her since she already learned some French.
I am grateful for her because she will be able to communicate with basic conversation to the parents and her little students.
She is going to make an amazing difference in her classroom and in the hearts of these families.

Private Tutor

Need a private tutor for your child to help him with their Spanish? During the last 10 years we have been able to help students that are in Spanish Immersion Programs with the language support and practice to help maintain their fluency. Prepare for a project, reading, writing and to prepare for Exams.
Or do you need a Private tutor to help your student learn the second language? Give us a call or send a message.

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Spanish For Business

We are so excited to be part of a change in the Business Community. This company has taking the initiative to break the language barrier, to help their employee’s and become more efficient in their work environment.
Investing in your company not only helps you grow but to connect with other Spanish speaking countries and costumers.
12 days of class has given them:
1. The opportunity to break the first brick and begin to connect.
2. The confidence to take the initiative.
3. And the opportunity to begin understanding the signs out there and making simple questions for conversation.


Spanish for Banking.

 Choice-One is taking the initiative to provide a professional service to our Latino -Hispanic Community in West MI. I am so excited for them to see what a great difference they will make in our diverse community. Welcoming each one of them with a quality service in their own language.

choice one bank


On-line Spanish By Zoom (one on one)

Students practice their Spanish with Conversation, reading and writing.

Spanish at Home

The Students practice the Spanish Language with cooking, art, games and cultural activities. So much Fun!