Nochebuenas como copos de nieve. Poinsettias like snowflakes.

As many of you may know it is not common to snow in Mexico City.  For a young girl like me at that time maybe I was 9 years old, snow was not part of our Christmas celebration. But there was that special red flower that was like a snowflake, red, pink, and white. How beautiful this was! It was like seeing red stars decorating our classrooms, house windows, neighborhood and our big city.

This flower will represent something amazing. A season for family, warm, harmony, food and the special aroma of Christmas. The Nochebuenas were like an entrance of a red carpet for Jesus to be born. We knew it was a time for preparation, and to welcome Christmas in our house. Soon after, you will see markets full of Nochebuenas, nativity scenes that we wished to have.  My mother used to buy couple little figurines each year. As she could not afford to buy a complete set. Walking on the markets was like a dream come true! Leaving the dream of a wonderland and school projects making our own Nochebuena with velvety paper. I looked forward to create mine and display this on my window, and coloring some if I had paper and colors.

The cold nights, with the aroma of special foods, Posadas were like an open door to see where Jesus could be. Fresh made warm Ponche de Frutas, tamarindo, guayaba, Jamaica, manzana, canela, ciruela, naranja, cana. A time to celebrate with all and enjoy all the goods God has provide to share with all. Not to mention the piñata making and braking the piñata “dale , dale , dale” ya le diste una, ya le diste dos, ya le diste 3 y tu tiempo se acabó” Anxiously waiting for the big day ” La Noche Buena”

Why did the Nochebuena flower enchanted this little girl so much. I think it was Jesus, showing how special He was and the way to him.  It was a time for Believe, Faith, Forgiveness, Hope and Unity and a New Year to begin. A day of Thanksgiving.80551300_815497968874067_3457880107039850496_n

¡Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo 2020!


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