Did you see a lot of beggars in Mexico City?

One of the most interesting things is that in fact there were hardly any beggars, probably saw more people in Michigan holding a sign asking for money.

Sadly as can be, Few people maybe 3 out of many people in the st. But what I saw was children, young couples and older people using their skills to provide a service and receive compensation for their work or ability. It was a way of making living.

An old woman working selling her work, a young girl that spend two hours to work on a napkin, the lady by the bus stop selling tamales early in the morning, a lady making home made tortillas, older men providing a very old style music with an old instrument and a young couple, dad playing the trumpet and mom with a baby asking for donations. Each one of them providing a service in exchange of your support. No wonder Hispanic business are growing so fast. We are entrepreneurs at any age. A way of make living work.

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